Ellevate_Jan2017_v5 Beehive hosted a panel discussion last week on behalf of the Twin Cities Ellevate Network about achieving goals in 2017. The panel, moderated by Beehive CEO Lisa Hannum, featured women business leaders who shared their goal-setting strategies and advice on how they maximize focus and positive energy and stay inspired to achieve personal and professional goals.

Take consistent steps to stay on track

When it comes to creating habits that keep you on track, small steps taken consistently have the biggest impact.   [av_three_fourth first]Andrea Mowery, VP of ClearWay Minnesota, also a distance runner, sets annual goals with regular check-ins, then keeps track of her goals in a notebook. “I put them on my weekly to-do list,” she said. “Once they’re on the list, I create a plan and find a partner to help keep me accountable.”[/av_three_fourth] [av_one_fourth] Andrea Mowery [/av_one_fourth] [av_three_fourth first]Julie Schissel Loosbrock, VP of Human Resources for Deluxe Corp., starts with a simple evaluation. “I reflect on what worked well, what I should drop and what I should reinvigorate,” she shared. “It’s not about seeking new landscapes but having new eyes.” Loosbrock also uses affirmation cards with positive quotes, from people such as author Louise Hay, to help her stay centered and focused daily.[/av_three_fourth] [av_one_fourth] Julie Schissel Loosbrock, VP of Human Resources for Deluxe Corp [/av_one_fourth] [av_three_fourth first]Maryanne O’Brien, founder of Conscious Company, believes reflection and self awareness are key, and recommends “setting intentions that matter.” She suggests combining daily rituals and visual reminders whenever possible to provide inspiration. “The more we can connect goals with imagery, the more we can accomplish,” O’Brien said. She also recommends setting goals that aren’t too easy or unreasonably ambitious. Finding the sweet spot is key.[/av_three_fourth] [av_one_fourth] ]Maryanne O’Brien, founder of Conscious Company profile [/av_one_fourth]

Make daily practices personal and professional

The daily practices that support growth in our personal lives also help us grow in our professional lives.   “At meetings, we talk about being mindful and present,” said Loosbrock. “We weave motivational quotes and practices into leadership functions and HR conferences. This isn’t fluff stuff. It’s really critical.”   Beehive’s growth-focused culture has been recognized nationally as a Psychologically Healthy Workplace by the American Psychological Association and a Best Place to Work in PR by PR News. According to Hannum, it’s about creating positive daily habits, committing to them and keeping them intentional.   “Our BeWell program provides the tools for our team to be healthy, energized and productive, and it prioritizes both reflection and connection,” Hannum said. “You might think as a small business owner, how can you afford to do this? The real question is how can we not?”

Be Flexible and Focused

Setting goals and having an action plan is critical to success, both at work and in our personal lives. But focus and flexibility are imperative to achieving goals in the long run. In a recent Harvard Business Review article, writer Dorie Clark cites Columbia Business School professor and author Rita McGrath, who suggests that being flexible and making the planning cycle more frequent – so we can adapt to changing circumstances – can increase our chances at success. McGrath’s research also cautions against spreading ourselves too thin and attempting to accomplish too much at once.   *Source: Statistic Brain Research Institute

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