Weekly Rituals Among universal truths is the Monday morning desk monitor stare—quickly flooded with swirling thoughts of email replies, approaching deadlines and the ever-ominous to-do list for the week ahead.   Thanks to the genius of our partners at Conscious Company, the Hive has a reliable ally in the face of the Monday morning scaries: the Weekly Rituals Worksheet.   The worksheet is a tool to track the week’s top priorities as well as daily practices that support productivity and wellness. It has become as much an accountability tool as an uplifting planning tool.   Below are three practices from the worksheet and how to use them to conquer Monday morning and beyond:  

3 Top Priorities

What it is: Your priority, priority list. If only three things could get done this week, what would they need to be? Or, what has been pushed back on your list that needs to be crossed off? How to use it: Narrow it down, write them down, get them done. Pro-tip: Write two things that need to get done, and one energizing activity that will allow you to stay in a zone where you can get those done.  

Power Hour

What it is: An hour of uninterrupted, zero notifications, zero “I’ll reply to this quick” work zone. How to use it: Turn off all notifications, let your coworkers know you are going deep cover, set a timer. Pro-tip: Schedule it on your calendar just as you would a meeting.  

Highlights & Insights

What it is: Your ESPN highlight reel—with takeaways for the next big play. How to use it: Take a couple minutes to reflect at the end of the day on one or all of the following: What can I celebrate today? What’s one insight I found today? What do I need to do to show up better tomorrow? Pro-tip: These open-ended questions can sometimes be intimidating, and therefore easy to skip. Challenge yourself to write just one sentence, every day.   They’re simple, they’re quick—they fall into the category of intuitive things that you know you should be doing. Jump in and slay the scaries.

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