BLOG_NewYear_RMI love when the calendar flips over to a new year. The page is blank. Everything feels fresh and new. There’s an energy and optimism that inspires everyone to make positive changes, start new routines, follow through on things we may have struggled with before. It just feels good. To support goal setting in the new year, each member of our team was gifted with a budget to support their overall wellness, ignite new goals and encourage an energizing work environment. It’s been fun to see how our team has chosen to spend their money to support their goals for the new year.  New yoga mat and yoga pants, running shoes, Jawbone Up24, colorful new office products and fresh office art are just a few of the items that have been put into action. But it’s not just about having “stuff” to support our goals. It’s about a mindset, too. At Beehive’s weekly yoga class, our instructor Kathy Flaminio shared a story that got me thinking about the new year in a new way: it’s not just about what we’re going to start doing but also what we can leave behind. The story is simple. A guy wakes up early, determined to paint the family room that day. He runs errands, gets the supplies and mixes the paint. But, when he’s ready to open the door his hands are so full that he can’t. Instead of putting something down, he struggles harder and ends up falling backward, dumping paint all over him. “We all do this,” Kathy said. “We refuse to put down what we carry in order to ‘open the door.’ But we cannot hold on to things and enter. We must put down what we carry, open the door, and then take up only what we need to bring inside.” As you start the new year, think about how you can really achieve your goals this year, especially at work, where we spend so much of our time. What do you need to put down and leave behind? Maybe it’s an attitude, a habit, a belief or a relationship that no longer serves you. What can you do to energize yourself during the workday? How can you freshen up your workspace? It’s amazing what we can achieve when we feel good and surround ourselves with a positive environment.

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