Deluxe Corp Employee LoungeTimes they are a changin’ in the workplace. Quiet, stale and stuffy is going, going, gone, and the welcome mat is being rolled out for new environments geared toward inspiring energy, creativity and productivity. Companies, big and small, are starting to get a firm grasp on the impact both the workspace and work environment can have on employees. Deluxe Corporation — a longtime client of ours — recently took a major step in enhancing its workspace by introducing a new employee lounge. The vision behind the new lounge was simple and clear — encourage employee engagement and enjoyment during the work day and reap the rewards. The lounge features vibrant colors, magazines, table games, big-screen TV and video game console to go along with modern, comfortable furniture. Employees dubbed the room R3 Relax, Refresh, Recharge — and celebrated the grand opening by going head-to-head with members of the executive leadership in some heated Xbox bowling games. “Research told us that having fun at work has both physiological and psychological benefits for employees, and positively impacts business results through enhanced creative, energy and innovative thinking,” said Julie Loosbrock, SVP Human Resources, Deluxe. “By giving employees their own space to visit and have fun, we strengthen our foundation for a healthy business and stay focused on keeping our most important asset, our people, refreshed and productive.” Spaces like R3 bring a positive vibe to the office and bring employees together. Today, businesses that want to attract top talent, and provide incentives for them to stay and perform must be considering such spaces to fuel a successful office culture.

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