Today’s meet the Beehive Team blog features our newest team member Karen Schultz, who joined Beehive as Senior Director of Business Development last May. Karen brings positive energy, drive and curiosity to new and developing agency business relationships… not to mention she has the most stylish blazer game in the biz and a great sense of humor.

In her Q&A, Karen discusses Beehive’s work from anywhere policy. We believe that all employees should be treated equally regardless of where they are working. This contributes to a culture of inclusion and belonging and requires conscious investment in technology and communication. Our work from anywhere policy allows employees to work from our office, their home office, or anywhere else they can open their laptops and connect. So far, we’ve had folks work from cabins, cars, hometowns, and extended getaways in New York, Florida, Wisconsin and Colorado — and beyond.

What made you want to work at Beehive?

I learned about Beehive years ago and was attracted to its purposeful and innovative culture. So, I followed the agency on social media and discovered more about it and its highly regarded B Corp certification. Years later and through conversations about the Sr. Director of Business Development role, I found the driving and intentional force behind that culture was its leadership. I also learned the agency had unique, integrated, and timely strategic communication services I knew the market was craving. I was thrilled to join the team last May.

What is your current work / schedule arrangement? What does this flexibility mean for you and your life?

Beehive is permanently a work from anywhere company. This allows me and my colleagues the flexibility to maintain a work/life balance. We’re able to work from anywhere while also getting to spend time with each other in a beautiful new office space. This intentional, healthy, hybrid work life is made possible by Beehive’s commitment to the technology that supports it — for the team and our clients.

The flexibility of location and time has allowed me the ability to commute to the office when it makes sense and to avoid traffic jams or dangerous roads from inclement weather (we get that a bit here in Minnesota!) or to take the time to talk to repair people at the house… who give a three-hour time frame of when they’ll arrive. All I have to do is communicate with the team the times I might not be available or if there’s a schedule change. Easy peasy.

Beehive has been a B Corp since 2018. What does this certification mean to you?

Beehive’s B Corp certification means a lot to me — even more so as I’ve experienced the tenants stitched into our day-to-day activities. It is clear what we stand for, what we stand up for and who we stand up for.

For example, as a daughter of an immigrant, democracy and voting rights are very important to me. One of the things Beehive stands for is voting rights and standing up for businesses supporting and empowering voting rights. Beehive — through the non-partisan movements and — is part of a coalition of hundreds of U.S. companies committed to ensuring every worker has time to vote.

Beehive has a comprehensive wellness program. How have our well-being initiatives impacted you?

The agency’s integration of health and wellness into annual goal setting, weekly programs, and quarterly well-being reimbursements is inspiring. We also communicate with our teammates what we’re doing and what we’ve purchased with our allocated Wellness Dollars to stay healthy. Not only does it give us the opportunity to share our victories, but also our challenges so we can learn from each other and support each other. I continue to be inspired by my team and am thankful to Beehive for caring about our whole selves, including our health and wellness.

What’s your favorite place in the world to visit?

My favorite, and most exotic, trip was skiing in the Patagonia, Argentina. The clear lakes, endless mountains and gracious people were memorable. If you go, get ready to pack your ski gear in the middle of summer, when it’s their winter. It’s a strange sensation, but exciting too!


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