Jordan_internPostUpon reflecting on my time spent at Beehive over the past six months, I’ve discovered some old-fashioned effort, a genuine smile and spirited fearlessness go a long way.

Simply put, a good attitude and hard work are everything.

It’s the little things, like being on time, making sure the coffee pot is always full or greeting your coworkers with a smile, that exemplify a positive work outlook and a hardworking demeanor. From day one at Beehive I was a part of a team with real responsibilities and multiple people counting on me. If it weren’t for my positive attitude and my motivation to eagerly tackle a task until it was completed to the best of my ability, I would not have been as successful an intern. A good attitude can really take you far – as an intern, in your career and in life.  But being a “hard worker” and displaying a “great attitude” are attributes that, albeit simple in theory, are easier said than done, and need to come from a truly genuine place.

Don’t hesitate – dive in, head first.

Being a newbie on the scene, I know firsthand how easy it is to tread carefully in fear of making mistake, or feel as though you’re bothering a coworker by peppering them with questions, but the only way to grow is to embrace every project, big or small, head on. So that brings me my favorite piece of advice: ASK QUESTIONS! You don’t have to know all the answers, but you should work to get to the bottom of it. At first, I didn’t want to come off as dumb or inexperienced, so I would often be afraid to clarify any concerns, but the only way to do your best work is to have all the tools in your toolkit – and that includes accurate information and expectations. Be bold and share your ideas. Thoughtful suggestions and fearless creativity are critical here at the Hive. Simply showing your team that you’re thinking strategically and deeply enough to come up with alternatives to a situation, fresh ideas or out-of-the-box solutions shows your value. Not to mention, it prepares you for a great industry mentality – public relations, marketing and communications are a constant revolving door of evolution and change.

Let your personality shine through.

As someone who is striving to set myself up for a successful career in PR, I understand how easy it is to be all business, all the time. Trust me, I know.  But take time to BREATHE and to let your personality shine through your work. As a natural communicator, just like anyone (hopefully) who has chosen a career in PR and marketing, you may think healthy communication is a no-brainer. But think again – as a newcomer anywhere, it can be hard to remember to BE YOURSELF and truly whistle while you work. Just remember, you were hired for all the skills and personality you already bring to the table. I would not have enjoyed my time at Beehive the past six months, or the absurdly harsh winter Minnesota threw at us this year, without my workplace being a place I could call home. Fully participating in the fun, easy going dynamic atmosphere that Beehive has to offer is what allowed me to become a seamless part of the team and keep my spirits up day after day. It wasn’t my ability to flawlessly execute a media pitch or craft a news release at the drop of a hat – but connecting with every person in the office on a genuine level that made it so great. Starting my career in PR with such a positive and valuable agency experience is an immeasurable blessing. I whole-heartedly recommend applying to the internship program at Beehive to anyone who’s ready to sharpen their skills, develop a deeper understanding of the industry, and, all the while having fun as you grow.

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