BLOG_LisaEnergy is everything. Think about it. Every single thing we think, feel and do in any given day requires energy. When the energy is good — intentional, positive, focused, productive — we thrive. When the energy is negative, stagnant, distracting, stressful — we contract. This is true in life — and it’s certainly true in business. Leaders of the world’s most admired (and successful) brands understand workplace culture and employee satisfaction are key drivers of company performance. What employee wouldn’t enjoy the extravagant perks offered at companies like Apple, Google and Nike? Life in the Googleplex does look pretty dreamy. Companies offer this level of support and comfort because it produces results in key areas like talent recruitment and retention, low absenteeism, high innovation and productivity, and killer business results. Cultures built to support, energize, inspire and recognize employees naturally reduce stress, fear, anxiety and most of the other unproductive emotions and behaviors that prevent business growth. You don’t have to be running a multibillion-dollar brand to have an inspired, energized team. But you do need to commit to creating and supporting a culture that values and nurtures its employees. Every inch of Beehive’s refreshed office space is designed to create, support and renew energy every day. Feng shui practices drove the space design, color palette and artwork. We have a cardio room, shower facility and a café with healthy snacks and free-flowing espresso. The space I’m most enjoying — our new InZone. Despite the long, dark winter — the energy at the Hive is great. Our team is inspired, and our business is strong and growing. We’d like to thank our business partners Damon and Cathy Coyne at Intentional Environment and Maryanne O’Brien at Live Dynamite for their vision and guidance. And here’s to spring!

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