Working as an intern at Beehive was a deeply rewarding experience both personally and professionally. I’ve learned a lot from all of my internships, but the past six months at Beehive have been the best look I’ve gotten so far at what working at a PR agency full time would really be like.

Here are the top pieces of advice I’d give to a new PR intern based on what I learned during my time at Beehive.

Stay Flexible

PR agencies are in service of their clients, and being in service of multiple clients at once means that sometimes even the best laid plans go awry. One moment you might have a full but manageable week planned out then BAM — you need to spend the next four days lugging coolers full of ice cream treats through a hospital and your carefully curated schedule is now totally irrelevant.

One of the best parts about working at Beehive was that I got to do something new every day, and when I came into work every morning I was never sure what I’d actually end up doing. It’s part of what makes working at an agency so exciting, but you certainly need to be able to ride the wave and be willing to change your plans whenever needed.

Practice Makes Perfect

As an intern at an agency, you do a lot of work like writing copy, creating media lists, building out media coverage dashboards and more. If you graduated or are close to graduating college with some coursework in communications, you likely have an idea of how to do some of this, but the only way to really improve is by doing it. And doing it again. And again.

Aggressively seeking out opportunities to practice, especially if it’s something that doesn’t come as naturally to you, will only help you in the long run. I can’t overstate how much seeking out assignments involving things I wanted to practice combined with helpful feedback from everyone on the Beehive team has helped me grow as a professional.

Celebrate The Victories

In the whirlwind that is agency life, it can be easy to go from one task to the next without really stepping back and acknowledging what you accomplished. My coworkers at Beehive really helped me to slow down and enjoy the victories, whether big or small, and it made the work I did feel much more fulfilling and helped me take more pride in my work than I had in any previous job. Everyone knows that learning from failure is important, so it only makes sense that patting yourself on the back when you do a good job is important as well.

My internship was full of hard work and included a few stressful days, just like at any agency, but it also included the best times I’ve ever had at work. Beehive is filled with warm, friendly, patient people who are eager to offer advice or teach young professionals. If you’re looking for an agency where you can learn and grow, then The Hive is the place to be!


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