Past Beehive interns have said it, and I’m sure future interns will say it too: this is not a typical internship. You show up in the morning and leave at the end of the day having accomplished real work that is vital to clients and the agency as a whole. And you learn so many things that will help you at Beehive and wherever you land next.

I knew going into my first day that at the end of these six months, I would have a stronger understanding of the PR and communications industry, learn from some of the best and brightest in PR, and be better prepared for my future career. And that’s definitely been my experience.

Welcoming, positive culture

Beehive’s culture isn’t something you find everywhere, but it should be. It’s no wonder the agency has been listed as a top place to work numerous times and won many culture awards. Many people who walk into Beehive’s office space say that it feels good in here, which is true!

Beehive is so welcoming. Within the first two hours on my first day, I met the team, learned my way around the office and building, and even participated in a birthday celebration. Within the first week, I sat down one-on-one with every account lead so I could get a good understanding of the industries and clients we represent, attended my first weekly goals check-in and met some of the dogs who hang out at the Hive (and who make coming to work just that much better).

Strong, smart industry leaders

Beehive allows you a chance to learn from strong and smart leaders in the industry. Even though I was surrounded by experts who have spent many years in the field, the welcoming team eased my nerves and eliminated any feelings of intimidation. Because of Beehive’s small size, I had the opportunity to get to know and work with everyone. I also worked on a variety of clients in different industries, which has helped me discover what I’m passionate about and the type of work I enjoy doing.

My advice for future interns

  1. Come in with an open mind and a willingness to learn. You’ll be challenged, critiqued and pushed, and it’s all for the best. As the months pass, the edits and time to complete projects decrease because you better understand the language, industries and messaging you are working with. And let me tell you, that feels great!
  2. Learn to prioritize and re-prioritize. New projects will come up that require your immediate attention. However, that doesn’t mean that what you had been working on falls to the wayside. It takes practice to figure out exactly how to manage your time, but it is necessary to have strong time-management skills to excel in an agency role.
  3. Step up and offer to help on anything and everything. This will allow you to learn so much more and show your teammates that you take initiative.
  4. Enjoy your time at the Hive, because it will fly by. One minute you’re learning how to use the coffee maker and sending your first pitch to a reporter and the next you’re writing this blog post wondering where the past six months have gone. Take it in and learn as much as you can.

If you want to better understand PR and strategic communication, see if working in an agency is the right career move, and want to work with an inspiring and driven team, definitely consider applying for Beehive’s internship program. Good luck!


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