The thoughtfulness and intention behind Beehive’s internship program is second-to-none, from the hands-on experience developing and sharpening PR skills to the exemplary workplace environment that promotes creativity, well-being and growth.

After the friendly welcome and helpful onboarding process in week one, to successfully leading and running my first professional event for the agency in weeks two and three I quickly learned that my Beehive internship would help me stretch and grow personally and professionally. With the support and guidance of some of the brightest communicators and business strategists out there, the experience helped to affirm my decision to pursue a career in PR.

Here are a few things I learned during my Beehive internship that I’ll carry with me into my career and beyond.

Creativity is a Muscle

From the very beginning, I learned that a PR career truly is more art than science. Taking a project lead’s vision, a client’s or even your own and bringing it to life – that’s where both the strategy and creativity align. Whether I supported account teams with research and insights, measurement and analysis or by pitching client stories to the media, I found it was essential to feed my curiosity, seek new perspectives and expand my thinking.

Discovering fresh insights is central to Beehive’s business and culture, and as an intern I was included in client and new business brainstorms, regular CQ Field Studies and Idea Labs. I loved participating in these exercises, but I found it especially valuable to observe and learn how Beehive’s senior strategists make meaningful connections between industry and cultural macro trends and recent events to spark new business opportunities for clients.

Slow Down to Speed Up

When looking for an internship, I knew it was important to me to invest time into a position where I could gain the skills and experience to launch a career in PR, but also to build the soft skills needed to be successful. As an integral member of the team, interns are included in every aspect of agency life, including its BeWell program which truly shines through in the daily and weekly practices lived out here at the Hive.

Throughout the duration of my internship, we made personal and team commitments to get good sleep with the Sleep Well Experiment, move more with a focus on fitness, and finally a personal key learning to slow down to speed up as we explored practices in meditation and mindfulness. With each wellness focus-area, I was able to learn new practices, try them out for size and customize my experience to create positive habits that bring more energy and confidence to my work. Two practices I now can’t go without? Setting a daily intention and prioritizing time for reflection.

Lean into New Experiences. You’ve Got This.

It’s both exciting and daunting to enter the working world post-college. I’ve definitely had my fair share of moments where I was tasked with an assignment that was new, and therefore felt uncomfortable at first, but I learned to trust my intuition and lean into the support and guidance of my team. The challenging projects often propel us forward to new professional heights that teach us valuable lessons along the way.

So, if you’re getting ready to embark on your first career move or the next, I encourage you to seek out new experiences that feed your curiosity, invest in positive practices that support you personally and professionally, and lean into challenges that help you stretch and grow in new ways. All the best!


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