The thought and effort that goes into Beehive’s internship program is truly rare — a gift to the world of the recently graduated. I was an intern for two full years before I became Beehive’s first, and I can tell you it is far different from the typical intern role. From the first project to the last, I felt like a true team member. The thoughtful detail that goes into your education at Beehive is strategic and will support you long after you leave.

At Beehive you’re given the ability to customize your experience based on what you are interested in. This proved extremely valuable for me and really shaped the direction I took in my career. Because I developed a passion for digital, I was able to focus more heavily on digital with Beehive’s Director of Digital. Now I am in a purely digital field and I owe that to Beehive. I also improved my writing exponentially due to consistently receiving detailed feedback.

What differentiates Beehive’s internship program from the rest is the ample and consistent access you will have to people with a lot of experience. Imagine the contrast, coming in — not knowing anything and working with only people who have worked for at least 8+ years in the industry. This expedites your skill set and your eventual network. Another big differentiator is how limitless the opportunities are. Normally as an agency intern, you are segmented into a department, like media for example, whereas at Beehive, you’ll be able to see the process in its entirety. If you’re looking to understand what role you want to eventually play in marketing, this internship is definitely for you. They’ll support you from learning what you want to do, all the way to helping you find a good job.

Lastly, be ready to work hard and push yourself because expectations are high. These high expectations have stuck with me and honestly are what set me a part from other candidates. The work is really good at Beehive therefore the employees’ level of care and dedication is the same. So, as you may have noticed, I highly recommend Beehive’s internship program. Trust me, I’ve been an intern like 10 times and this one is the best.

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