Instagram is now the third most popular social app in the United States. While you may think “Insta” is only for artistically inclined teens, it may be just the social tool businesses need to grow their networks and attract top talent. In fact, we’ve launched an official Beehive Instagram page for that very reason. Here are a few things we learned when planning our page:

The Social Network of Choice

It’s no surprise, Instagram is a favorite among young adults 18 to 29, and it ranks next to Snapchat as the social app of choice for teens. But did you know it also is gaining popularity with the 30 to 49 demographic? The highly visual photo-sharing platform proves to be a favorite space for friend circles and influencers alike to browse, connect and share their experiences.

Best Social Platform for Audience Engagement

Instagram leads the way in audience engagement, especially in the B2B industry where the app has a sweet spot for meaningful brand interactions. This is big news for business, with Instagram audiences more likely to interact with the content you create.

A Visual Storyboard for Your Brand

According to Charlie Wild, former ad exec turned Instagram influencer, “the Instagram community is full of creative people wanting to meet other creatives and you can feed off each other […] it’s essentially your shop window, or mood board of your tastes” – whether for personal use or as an extension of your brand story.

Using the Power of Communication

In joining the Instagram community, we look forward to sharing the latest in Beehive agency news, happenings around the Hive and experiences that inspire us to live our values and purpose every day.   So check it out and give us a follow. We can’t wait to connect with you.

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