IgniteMpls_May I recently had the pleasure of attending my first Ignite Minneapolis event. Beyond “it’s like a bunch of mini-TED talks” I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. But in the end, I was reminded of an important truth: inspiration can come from anywhere, if you let it. That evening, I learned a little about a lot of things: how to live on a house boat, how to get a patent, and probably most importantly how to train a goldfish (literally).   Learning about training a goldfish was the talk that stuck with me well after the evening was done. This isn’t because I want to train a fish, I don’t even own a fish, but because @graciegalore24 used her short 5 minutes as a personal brand-building moment. She demonstrated that she could think and communicate both verbally and visually in a distinctive, strategic way. She was smart, and inspired me to take advantage of every opportunity and show up in a way that is clever and uniquely you.

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