Boost-your-energy-imageLife is a creative process. It is fueled by positive energy, vision and passion. When your energy is full and strong, you’ll find that ideas, solutions and enthusiasm flow in a steady stream that elevates every aspect of life. Here’s the thing. If you’re like most people, you use far more energy than you restore. You push through day after day until you hit the wall. It’s only when life becomes a struggle, or you hit a crisis, that you’re willing to slow down and recharge. Clearly, this is not a winning strategy. Here’s the other thing. When your energy is depleted, it’s easy to slip into a negative space. Fatigue makes you more vulnerable to negative emotions. Negative emotions deplete you further, allowing fear to creep in and distort your perspective. Before you know it, you’re reactive, judgmental and defensive—complaining, blaming and making excuses for everything that’s not working in your life. This is why it’s so important to Spiral Up every day! When you create and activate more positive energy you stay in a positive mindset. You feel more confident, creative and focused. Clarity shines through making it easier to prioritize, take action and follow through. You make inspired connections, achieve breakthroughs and accomplish more. Yes, life is far more enjoyable when our life force is strong. So, make it a habit to invest in your energy every day. Here’s the upside. When you invest in any one of your energy sources you lift them all–physical, mental and emotional. Each source highly influences the others, so every positive action has a ripple effect. Even small changes will improve your overall energy. Below are 10 Spiral Up practices to boost your energy. By design, all of the ideas are within your control. This means it’s your choice. Put them into action and quickly connect to this simple truth – what you do matters. Pick one idea. Move into action. And create more positive energy to fuel your day – today!

  1. Move your body. Moderate exercise for 20-30 minutes lifts your mood for up to 12 hours.
  2. Spruce up your space. Organized, cheery spaces expand your mental and emotional energy, strengthening your creativity, focus and motivation.
  3. Practice uncommon appreciation. Genuinely acknowledge one person every day that you appreciate. Heartfelt appreciation deepens emotional connections and builds relationships.
  4. Strategically renew your energy. Take a five-minute-break every hour–walk, stretch, breathe, drink water, meditate. Breaks improve mental focus, productivity and performance.
  5. Meditate. Breathing and quieting your mind for 30 seconds every hour works to reduce stress and increase productivity.
  6. Technology-free zones. Create space in each day where you’re free from technology to strengthen mental clarity, focus and quality of life.
  7. Be in nature. Simply being in the presence of nature for 20 minutes can strengthen feelings of vitality, health and compassion.
  8. Breath deeply. Practice abdominal breathing 3x/day–breathe in to a count of three and out to a count of six. It’s a powerful way to quiet the mind and emotions.
  9. Eat breakfast. Boost your metabolism and energy with a healthy breakfast.
  10. Drink water throughout the day. Staying hydrated is a simple way to renew your energy and improve concentration.

About the guest author: Maryanne O’Brien is the founder of Live Dynamite and a long-time friend of Beehive. With her guidance, she helps our team manage energy on a daily basis to create happiness, meaning and results in every aspect of life.

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