Give To the Max Day 2013Beehive focused its Give to the Max! dollars, time and digital channels to support Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity. Get ready to open your hearts and wallets, Minnesota. Today is our home state’s fifth annual Give to the Max! day, and is projecting another record-breaking round of donations. Since 2009, GiveMN has collected more than $75 million on behalf of 7,500 nonprofits and schools. Nearly a quarter-million individuals and businesses have made contributions. Impressive. Minnesota and the United States have a global reputation for generosity. Increasingly, however, good companies, good people and worthy causes are reporting “donor fatigue.” Some experts posit we are not tired of giving. Rather, we’re overwhelmed by the constant flood of worthy appeals. I have personally received 25 (and counting!) highly targeted Give to the Max! day appeals in the last week or so. So what are people and companies to do? Is it better to give smaller donations to many or should we focus on select causes and go deeper? What’s the most valuable contribution — time, money, materials? How can you or your organization know that when you Give to the Max! you are maxing your giving power? There is no absolute answer to these questions, but we follow a pretty effective decision-making framework that successfully guides giving for our company and number of our client partners.

Values. Lead with your values. In the corporate world what was once known as philanthropy or community giving is now viewed more broadly as “corporate social responsibility.” Stakeholders – your employees, customers, operating communities and investors – will hold the organization accountable for aligning its decisions and actions to mission, vision and values. The marketplace’s reward for a job well done can create huge value for a brand. However, when organizations misstep, the punishment is often swift, very public and costly to both reputation and balance sheet.

Focus. We’re big fans of this five-letter “f” word. Worthwhile opportunities are nearly limitless. Conversely, donor resources are always limited. Companies create more value, inside and outside their organizations, when they focus and direct their intentions, energy and resources. Beehive’s focus is supporting opportunities to improve the lives of women and children in our community. This aligns to our company values and our employees: woman-owned and parents to more than a dozen children.

Give what’s needed. Nonprofit organizations need diverse resources. Be certain your organization can give what’s needed. While I’ve never met a nonprofit that didn’t appreciate a financial donation, some place equal or more value on volunteer hours or donations of supplies, technology or airline miles and bus passes. And there is almost always a need for brainpower related to business planning, donor and sponsor development, marketing and communications.

Give to the Max! For Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity This year Beehive is proud to Give to the Max! for Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity. Habitat serves many single-parent families, most often mothers and children. We believe what Habitat knows: every family deserves a safe and affordable home. It’s the foundation from which lives and families do better. Beehive has made a financial donation at Habitat’s Give to the Max! day web page, and we’re spreading the word across our social channels. Our team is planning to participate in a building project in early 2014. We also donate brainpower whenever Habitat’s leaders ask. Dollars, hours and services — a perfect donation match. We are asking you to give to Twin Cities Habitat now! Help the organization take advantage of a generous $75,000 matching gift. When you give $1 – you’re actually giving $2. That’s 100 percent ROI. And that’s good business.

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