BLOG_Get_InZone You know when you hit that utterly absorbed, undistracted state of flow with your work? There is no extra self-talk pulling your mind in other directions. You’re jammin’, you’ve hit your stride, you’re gettin’ it done – and it’s fun. That’s when you’re focused, inspired and feel the purpose and meaning in your work. The thing is, people are often stressed, over stimulated, exhausted and not focused on what matters most. That makes it hard to find your flow. Gloria Mark, a professor who studies digital distraction at the University of California, Irvine, says employees typically only get three minutes of consistent focus before they are interrupted, and it might be 23 minutes before they get back to what they were working on before the interruption occurred. That’s a lot of wasted time and energy. These heavy multi-tasking and constant distraction patterns perpetuate stress, create fractured thinking and prevent the creative, strategic, deep and sequential thinking that moves businesses forward. What if you could create workspace that makes it possible to find that productive flow on a daily basis? We call these spaces InZones, and we have created them for businesses like Beehive. The InZone is an intentional space that supports business cultures to do their best work in a consistent, sustainable and healthy way. The InZone provides the critical space and support tools to help employees rest, restore, recharge and get “in the zone” to perform. Beehive’s InZone is a dedicated, well-designed room that is energetically balanced using the principles of feng shui and shielded from detrimental electromagnetic field (EMF) interferences. It is furnished using healthy, green materials and is custom designed to fit the agency’s needs and style. It is a versatile space where high-performing teams and individuals can unplug, meditate, do yoga, focus on the creative process or go deep into strategic thinking. When we override our body’s urge to rest and restore our energy through caffeine, social media distractions and other forms of stimulation, we begin to rob our creative and critical thinking reserves. But when we replace these things with quality breaks, quiet time and prolonged periods of focus, enhanced performance, engagement and satisfaction result. Is your business ready for an InZone experience? About the guest author: Damon Coyne, founder of Intentional Environment, is a certified Building Biology Environmental Consultant (BBEC) trained through the Institute for Bau Biology and Ecology. He is an inspiring speaker and teacher of feng shui and creating healthy homes and buildings.

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