Launch event for the Twin Cities Chapter of Ellevate I received a note from a former client a couple of months back. We haven’t partnered on anything professionally since the late ’90s, but we’ve kept track of each other through social networks.   When I saw her at last night’s launch event for the Twin Cities Chapter of Ellevate, we didn’t skip a beat. Hugs were exchanged, and the lovely Cheryl Siemering and I picked up right where we left off — enthusiastically sharing ideas and opportunities to grow this powerful global network of professional women in Minnesota. She introduced me around, and I was swept away in conversation with fresh new faces and leaders I’ve admired for decades.   Cheryl is Ellevate’s Twin Cities chapter VP. She knew Ellevate would be a great match for what inspires me — connecting and working with women to create better businesses and a better world. And I knew Cheryl and the dynamic leadership team founding this chapter would unite their networks to join the Ellevate movement: to help women advance in the workplace, both for themselves and the greater good. (Ellevate is a Certified B Corp. Bonus!)   Now we build a new network together, woven from our individual experiences, backgrounds, dreams and goals. It’s a big, strong, diverse tent where all are welcome, and where fresh, youthful thinking meets experience, wisdom and an impressive roster of C-level clout. This will be a group that gets things done.   That’s the energizing power of networks. I’ve never been a very dedicated “networker,” and I’m not very good at “networking.” But I’m a relator at heart. My energy comes from creating authentic, meaningful relationships across the communities in my life. Over time, it’s grown to be a network for which I am so grateful.   If you’re looking for opportunities to learn, connect and grow, I hope you’ll take a look at Ellevate. A network is a powerful thing to share.   See you soon, Cheryl.

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