Corporate Giving With the holidays quickly approaching, we’re focusing this edition of Earmarked on corporate giving strategies and best practices. The Beehive staff found these recent articles particularly insightful. And if it’s any extra incentive to give generously, 30 percent of consumers are planning to spend more on purchases from socially responsible companies in the next year.

  1. How the Voice of the People is Driving Corporate Social Responsibility – The success of your CSR initiatives rise and fall with your community. However, don’t forget your social media community, as they hold the keys to success.
  2. As Corporate Giving Bounces Back, Six Things Nonprofits Need to Know – With corporate giving up over last year, don’t forget these six trends to successfully engage donors.
  3. How to Make Social Responsibility Work for Your Company – It’s a win-win, discover three keys to win for social good and your business.
  4. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Corporate Needs – Looking to achieve corporate greatness, follow this model to maximize potential.
  5. Is Corporate Philanthropy Dead as We Know It, or Should It Be? – A good philanthropy program should move beyond the checkbook, but what does that really mean?


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