BLOG_EarmarkedWith the new year comes a clean slate and the promise of limitless possibilities. Whether you’ve pledged to create new professional goals, get physically healthy or make other positive changes, this edition of Earmarked is all about new starts.

  1. To Stop Procrastination, Look to Science of Mood Repair – If you’re off to a slow start, try something new. Read these great tips to check your mood for greater productivity.
  2. 5 Marketing Predictions for 2014 [Infographic] – Want to stay ahead in the next 12 months? Here are 5 trends predicted to gain traction in the upcoming year.
  3. Why Exercise is the Key to Work-Life Balance – Productivity is linked to your physical and psychological state. Experts say that exercise during the day helps boost your productivity, and we couldn’t agree more.
  4. 3 Branding Trends for 2014  – Looking for growth in 2014? Here are three branding trends to consider.
  5. 9 Ways Your Business can make the World a Better Place in 2014 –  “Do well by doing good.” Giving to the community can benefit your business. These 9 tips will help you get started.

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