Jun_EarmarkedThere’s a nugget of truth in the poetic notion of the “lazy days of summer.” A Captivate Network study shows workplace productivity drops 20 percent in the summer months. This month’s Earmarked looks at ways to stay focused, engaged and productive – without letting the summer pass you by.

  1. Boosting Employee Engagement in the Summer Months – Encouraging vacations and planning team events are great ways to boost engagement.
  2. Five Summer Must-Haves for Freelancers and Entrepreneurs – Working independently? Here are five tips to ensure you have a productive, successful summer.
  3. Why You Can’t Seem to Get Any Work Done In the Summer (Infographic) – It might not be your fault. Many factors contribute to your why productivity declines in the summer months.
  4. 6 Tricks for Keeping Employees Productive Over the Summer – Trying to keep the troops rallied? Here are six tips to try.
  5. The Future of Work: Sweden will Start Experimenting with Shorter Hours this Summer – Would you like to work fewer, more focused hours? Sweden is testing a shorter work day.

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