Employee Engagement We like to stay on top of news and information; actually, it’s our job. We immerse ourselves in the latest trends and topics to stay one step ahead for our clients and our employees. Earmarked is collection of some of the most interesting and informative content we are reading. We’re happy to share a few of our favorites with you in each issue of SPARK. Each month we will focus our selections on a timely, relevant theme. In this edition, we focus on employee engagement. People are the heart of Beehive PR, and we’re always looking for insights and best practices that will help us keep our status as a best place to work.

  1. How the Best Places to Work are Nailing Employee Engagement – Keys to motivating employees to stay, perform and contribute to success beyond salary, psychological and social influences.
  2. What Makes Employees Happy [Infographic] – Factors that make a happy employee infographic.
  3. Why Going Home at 5:30 Brings in Top Talent [VIDEO] – To keep talent long-term, find balance between work and a full life.
  4. Want Productive Employees? Treat them Like Adults. – Establish trust from the CEO to entry-level employees to create the most productive work environment.
  5. 5 Ways to Get the Most from Employees – Tips for small businesses to get the most out of employees.

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