July_Earmarked You don’t have to be an All-Star athlete to up your game. Marketers, retailers and communicators alike can – and should – be continuously innovating and improving, just like professional athletes.

  1. Social Sharing Has Become the Biggest Thing in Sports Marketing Will digitally connected game experiences be next? – Ad Age says sports sponsorship these days is a new game, but most companies are still playing by the old rules. Are you?
  2. 5 B2B Marketing Trends for 2015 That You Should Be Doing Right Now – B2B marketers, start planning now with a look at 5 trends for 2015. Hint: Mobile isn’t going away and neither is content.
  3. 10 Power Words You Should Start Using Today – How many emails do you send a day? Yeah, we know: a lot. Help your emails cut through the clutter by using these 10 power words.
  4. Customer Loyalty Program: One Size Does Not Fit All Retailers – Surveys show that customer loyalty programs don’t necessary have a big impact on sales. So what’s a retailer to do? Here are four ways retailers can create loyalty programs that deliver long-term value.
  5. The Elements of Great Social Media Profiles – Social channel by channel, this infographic details how to put your best foot forward on Facebook, Google +, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram profiles.

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