Sept_Earmarked We studied all night to bring you the Cliff notes version of straight-A back-to-school campaigns. Retailers started the season early, focused on CSR and listened to their customers to make the first day of school one for the history books.

  1. Target Celebrates the #FirstDayofSchool – The back-to-school check list is full of essential classroom items from rulers to pencils – and Target is making sure every kid heads back to class with the list checked off. The company donated supplies to a scholar in need for every school item purchased by their guests. And, in the spirit of making new friends, they turned to their social community to share their #firstdayofschool photos on the brand’s celebratory feed.
  2. How Kleenex, Quaker Oats and H&M are embracing CSR in back-to-school campaigns – Preventing sick days from the spread of cold and flu germs is top of mind for teachers and school administrators – and Kleenex. The brand went back-to-school in May by partnering with to make sure Kleenex tissues made teacher’s wish lists and classroom supply lists. Extra Credit: Teachers received the chance to win $15,000 for their classroom or a year supply of tissues.
  3. Office Depot, Inc. Unveils How Parents and Students Plan to Approach Back-to-School Shopping This Year – When it comes to household spending, mom is the CFO. But who decides what makes the cart when back-to-school shopping? Students and their parents weigh in with Office Depot’s back-to-school shopping survey. Lesson learned: it’s about teamwork.
  4. Kohl’s Department Stores to Give Back while Promoting Wellness Nationwide – Kohl’s broke through the back-to-school promotions and sales clutter with their CSR initiative, Associates in Action. Thousands of employees went into their communities to support health and wellness for children with events such as back-to-school immunization clinics and “Safety Days.” Many of the children’s hospitals and youth-serving organizations that participated in the nationwide events are partners in the Kohl’s Cares hospital program. Gold star effort!

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