EditorTourLoading up the RV and heading across country for a summer road trip has its charms. But professionally speaking, summer is also a great time to hit the road for a tour of a different kind. Planning an editor tour between May and August is one of the best ways to build reporter relationships, fill the media relations pipeline and keep the coverage flowing through the second half of the year…

Summer Plans: By Industry

The conventional wisdom that editors are summering in the Hamptons is outdated. The simple fact is that the changing news cycle has created a constant demand for content.  Let’s get industry specific for a second:

  • Education: School might be out but editors don’t take summer break. They need content now and are hungry for good stories leading into back to school.
  • Retail: With editors working on holiday gift guides right in the heart of summer— June, July and August—you need to be ready with your products and pitches.
  • Business: This beat isn’t exempt from a summer push either. For those on a calendar fiscal year, the heat of Q2 earnings hits right in the hottest part of summer, with investor calls and earnings reports due mid July.

Convinced but not sure if your brand is ready for an editor tour?

Three Reasons to Hit the Road:

  1. Introduce a brand: If you are a new brand—or a well-kept secret—it’s time to get the attention you deserve. Find the publications that specifically reach your target customer and make sure the editors know about your brand, your offering and your competitive differentiators—then watch brand awareness grow.
  2. Launch new products/make an announcement: Press releases and websites are great to make the initial announcement. But many goods or services need to be seen, touched or experienced in person.  Leave editors a sample of the specific products they show interest in and you are likely to earn an online or print placement.
  3. Introduce new thought leaders: Intellectual capital is one of a brand’s greatest assets. Introduce your company’s thought leaders to editors to share trend information, industry insights, innovations and research data. This can result in interview requests, quotes and even bylined articles.

All you have to do is (1) identify priority media outlets (2) craft your pitch (3) gather samples, survey results and infographics, and (4) road trip!.

 Road Trip ROI

The ROI of an editor tour is in coverage. Whether it is product placements, quotes, bylined articles, printed infographics, online links or references—it’s the coverage that builds your brand awareness and drives sales. As a result of your time investment you can expect to see:

  • More feature coverage
  • More in-coming calls requesting your subject matter experts for interviews
  • More product and sample requests
  • A sustained increase in media coverage
  • Relationships that survive the job hopping common in the media today

A Different Kind of Summer Road Trip: Editor Tours

Don’t put your media relations efforts on cruise control this summer. Take advantage of the more relaxed atmosphere to earn the relationships that will take you through Q4 and into the start of a new year with one simple addition to your summer to do list: » Get out on the boat » Have a BBQ » Celebrate the 4th » Launch an editor tour

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