The COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact our organizations, economy and communities in unprecedented ways. Effectively managing your business through change and clearly communicating with employees is critical to success during this crisis – and beyond.

Beehive’s Business Continuity and Communication Resource Center can help guide business continuity and crisis communication, employee engagement and employee communication, and change management. Sign-up here to receive more information.

Business Continuity Plan Resources

3d illustration of Coronavirus COVID-19 under the microscope.

COVID-19 [Ayme Zemke]

Business Continuity Resources

Business continuity plans minimize disruption and prioritize health/safety. Boost your plan with these credible sources.

COVID-19 [Beehive]

Business Continuity Plan Template

Our business continuity plan template includes technology and operations, client service, work from home best practices.

COVID-19 [Ayme Zemke]

Source and Share Credible Information

Provide information employees can trust for better employee engagement. Consult and cite these credible resources.

COVID-19 [Ayme Zemke]

Provide Employees with Consistent Communication

Employee communication should include new information, reinforce organization's policies and provide clear guidance.

COVID-19 [Beehive]

Employee Pulse Survey

Employee engagement pulse surveys gauge how employees are managing change. Learn about implementation and activation.

COVID-19 [Beehive]

Business Guide to Emerging Strong from the Pandemic

This business continuity and communication guide helps leaders manage through COVID-19 toward a successful future.

Sustained Crisis Communication Plans

COVID-19 [Ayme Zemke]

Be Clear and Calm as a Leader

Leadership modeling calm behavior and providing clear policies is a key part of crisis communication. Learn more.

COVID-19 [Beehive]

Crisis Communication Checklist

Credible and consistent information is essential in a crisis. Use this crisis communications plan checklist as a guide.

COVID-19 [Beehive]

Recovery & Business Restoration Communication Resource

Integrate effective crisis communication into your business continuity plan for a successful future with this resource.

Interim Communication Leadership and Staffing

Blog [Lisa Hannum]

A Powerful Partnership with a Strategic Communication Firm

Firms offer business continuity strategy, crisis communication plans and support.


Flexible Crisis Retainer Options

Don’t face a crisis alone. Learn about our flexible retainers, crisis communications plans & business continuity plans.

Work From Home Strategies

Employee Well-being and Employee Engagement

COVID-19 [Beehive]

Workplace Wellness Practices

Employee well-being is foundational to strong workplace cultures. Learn about Beehive’s workplace wellness initiatives.

Line drawing of heart, circular arrows, talk bubbles, connection bubbles, and tennis shoe.

Blog [Katy O’Neill]

How to Work Effectively From Home

Leaders must support employees to work from home effectively. Here are strategies to boost employee engagement.

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Blog [Rebecca Martin]

Manage Stress Through Intention and Mindfulness Practices

Well-being in a crisis is critical. Manage stress and avoid employee burnout with mindfulness.

Hands on laptop surrounded by notecards

Blog [Rebecca Martin]

Focus on What Matters: Set Priorities & Reduce Distractions

Working from home is challenging. Set daily priorities and reduce distractions to improve efficiency.

How to assess workplace culture

Blog [Ayme Zemke]

How to Use Existing Data to Assess Workplace Culture

Implement a workplace culture assessment as part of your pandemic-specific employee engagement strategy.


Top Methods for Assessing Workplace Culture

Traditional workplace culture assessments don't monitor employees in real time. Learn how to get good data fast.

Cozy bed with sleep icon in hexagon shape

Blog [Katy O’Neill]

Take a Rest: Using sleep to manage stress and anxiety

Stress and anxiety can disrupt employee well-being. Workplace wellness initiatives that include sleep can help.

woman writing in journal with gratitude icon in hexagon shape

Blog [Rebecca Martin]

Gratitude is Key to Physical & Mental Well-being

Gratitude can improve mental and physical health, reduce stress and anxiety, and improve employee engagement.

nutrition and Hydration

Blog [Rebecca Martin]

Impact of Nutrition & Hydration on Well-being

Nutrition and hydration education and challenges will positively impact employee well-being.

Change Management Communication


Change Management Guide

How you communicate change matters--especially in a crisis. Review our change management communication guide for help.

Blog [Lisa Hannum]

7 Strategies for Effectively Managing Organizational Change

Use a proven change management model and clear communication in a crisis to navigate change.


Change Management Communication Plan

The change management communication plan roadmap helps to manage your organization through the pandemic.

Group Of Business People Having Board Meeting Around Glass Table

Blog [Nicki Gibbs]

How to Overcome Change Management Communication Challenges

Learn how to use communication to effectively navigate change management.

Purpose, Mission and Values Alignment


Purpose, Mission and Values Alignment: Guide

Purpose, mission and values guide organizations to work toward achieving their ultimate goals.

Blog [Beehive]

4 Ways Organizational Values Can Fuel Decision- Making

Learn how organizational values can guide decision-making for your organization.


Values Activation Plan

Organizational values communicate your organization's beliefs and behaviors. Learn why they matter and how to activate.

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