#BeBoldForChange March 8 was International Women’s Day. Many businesses and brands– across the state and around the globe – chose to get involved in their own unique ways, including Beehive. Stories of donations, events and product launches filled inboxes and newsfeeds, alongside stories of marches, gatherings and celebrations.   Watching the range of responses was a fascinating real-time case study of how brands are choosing to step up to meet rising customer expectations. The brands that left the biggest impression with our team are the purpose-driven organizations that spoke from the head and the heart. They shared what they stand FOR with clear points of view, making meaningful connections in the process.   Here is a sampling of the brands that we found especially inspiring:  

Kate Spade New York

  • Shared its purpose-driven platform of women empowering women and the resulting on purpose line which aligns to customer values around giving back.
  • Linked to personal stories of women-led businesses the brand has built in Rwanda and the economic impact those women are having on the community.
  • Communicated authentically and backed up their words with a clear commitment and business investment.


The Current and Spotify

  • Local radio station, The Current, focused its outreach on celebrating the achievements of women – playing only women in music from midnight to midnight on March 8.
  • The Current put listeners in charge of requesting songs, strengthening connections by including them in the celebration. The station also featured VIP female guest hosts and staff volunteered time to women-focused organizations.
  • Spotify shared its original Women in Music & Culture series, highlighting the contributions and impact of women in the arts. Exclusive playlists, a foundation partnership, new Take Action Banner, literature selections and author-read poems created an interactive and custom experience for listeners.


ASIYA Modest Activewear

  • This start-up was built by the brand’s community, through a Kickstarter campaign, partnerships with the University of MN and a MN-based social entrepreneur award.
  • AYISA’s mission is grounded in equality and inclusion, making International Women’s Day the perfect opportunity to launch its online store in partnership with the community that has supported them along the way.

  For purpose-driven brands, International Women’s Day provided an important opportunity to share stories and make authentic connections. But it takes consistent commitment, true authenticity and a wholehearted approach to make a lasting impact.   People are consciously choosing employers, companies, brands and communities that support and align to their needs, values and beliefs. Who a business chooses to be and how they operate in the world matters – now more than ever.

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