Today the world is celebrating, advocating, marching, striking, gathering and supporting on behalf of International Women’s Day. As a woman-owned and operated business, Beehive is committed to advancing gender equality in business, today and every day.   Equality is more than a value at Beehive. It’s a core belief. It’s who we are and how our business operates in the world. Equality is at the heart of Beehive’s purpose: to use the power of communication to build better businesses for a better world. When businesses do better, we all do better. Jobs are created, economies grow. Everything rises.   The day will come when no class of people — women or others — will need the declaration of a day to advocate for equality. But today is not that day. Today’s a day to be bold for change.   Beehive is going bold for change. Our business is committed to being a voice and advocate for gender equality in business. This direction was chosen by our team and aligns with the promises we make to our clients, our partners and our people.   We have proudly joined the International Women’s Day 2017 campaign to #BeBoldForChange. We are consciously supporting women-owned businesses. Below is a list of many that have been recommended by our team, followers and friends. We encourage you to support them and others in your area if you are so moved.   Beehive also has made a contribution to WomenVenture to help more women achieve economic success through small business ownership.   As we continue to live our purpose, we will mentor women-owned businesses that are moving into high-growth stages, when the power of communication is game-changing. We also will pursue partnerships that bring more women into business ownership and draw more college and high school women into careers in business. There are so many good organizations doing great work in these territories. Beehive’s goal is to fuel their fires.   What will you do? Businesses are being challenged to meet rising expectations. People are consciously choosing employers, companies, brands and communities that support and align to their needs, values and beliefs. Business values are people’s values, and people are paying attention.   Every person who matters to your business is watching and listening. What story will they hear?   #BeBoldForChange Poll Tell us how you’ll #BeBoldForChange. We’ll share the results in our next Fresh Insights newsletter.

Women’s Business Resources

CityPages – MSP has hundreds of local women-owned businesses. Here’s a list MSP Business Journal – The List: Metro-area Women-owned Businesses Women in Networking (WIN) – Business Directory Search Yelp – MSP Women-Owned Businesses Advocacy / Business Associations Ellevate Network Minnesota Women’s Consortium National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) Women’s Foundation of Minnesota WomenVenture womenwinning Professional Services Conscious Company Intentional Environment Kristen Angel Design Media Junction OffiCenters Peg Roessler Public Relations Virtual OffiCenters Wendy B. Photography Food & Beverage BOOMCHICKAPOP Chowgirls Killer Catering Cravin’ Pie Deena’s Gourmet Foxy Falafel Glam Doll Donuts Hello Pizza Milkjam Creamery SPOONoptional Urban Growler Brewing The Finnish Bistro Café The Suburban Restaurant WholeMe Workhorse Coffee Bar Beauty, Health & Style 1000 Petals Apiary Salon Complexions On Carter Skincare Boutique Crocus Hill Health Center Epitome Skincare Golden Rule Collective Gray Home + Lifestyle Primp Boutique Poppy StormSister Realia By Jen Urban Undercover Auto Feldmann Imports Maxville Auto Repair with Flair Rihm Kenworth